Blender 2.90 – How to create Complex Red Brick Wall in Eevee

How to create complex Red Brick Wall in Blender 2.90 and Eevee render is a tutorial that shows how to:

  • create primitive plane,
  • rotate objects,
  • apply rotation,
  • edit mode subdivide,
  • bevel vertices,
  • delete faces,
  • add solidify modifier,
  • add Array modifier,
  • add boolean modifier,
  • perform boolean operations,
  • extrude faces,
  • edit mode mesh loop bridge faces,
  • set viewport display wire,
  • toggle object render display,
  • create new Principles BSDF material,
  • material setting,
  • ambient occlusion settings,
  • world and environmental settings,
  • and Eevee rendering engine settings.

The tutorial was made by GodReign Dreamworks (GORED Studio) in which Bamidele Israel is the tutor. Please subscribe, like, and share. Thanks

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